LIVE One Mic, One Take

by Trae Sheehan

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Hey guys!
Here's another LIVE EP recorded with only one mic in front of me (hence the title).
Please enjoy and share this short collection of songs with your friends!



released February 17, 2017

© 2017 Trae Sheehan
All songs written by Trae Sheehan
Recorded at Half Moon Studio



all rights reserved


Trae Sheehan Martinsburg, West Virginia

An old soul from Martinsburg, WV, nineteen-year-old Trae Sheehan has been writing songs and performing since the age of ten. With songs like “I’m Not Letting Go” a bright tune with a catchy pop melody and “Demons” an introspective song with a hopeful undertone, Trae has a knack for writing songs that connect with anyone who listens. ... more

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Track Name: Train of Thought (Live)
It's a craft it's an art it's a match lit by a spark
It's putting your heart and soul out on a line in the dark
You hope and you pray that you'll get your break someday
And you'll finally get your prize for all those dues that you've paid

A lyric and a melody they might sit on a shelf
But I have to get it out so I can write about something else
The moment those words leave my lips I might as well be gone
'Cause my train of though has changed it's tracks and I won't be coming home

I look and I listen for the one thing I might be missing
I'm surrounded by these people and their lives of reminiscing
The scars on their skin tell tales of love and sin
Like the night he finally spent with the girl he'd been chasing since he was ten
Track Name: Demons (Live)
Fear is an apocalyptic atmosphere
One that I hold very dear
To the way that I know I am
Pain is a strange and lonely thing
One that I cannot bear to let be king
Of the actions that show who I am

I'm living in my dreams tonight until I find a better place to hide
I'll run away from these things that knock me down inside
At any given moment I could be up and gone without goodbye
But not tonight
These demons I will fight

Hate a little word with so much weight
It fills our world all over the place
It's gotten out of control
Thirst a place of never ending hurt
I know I've never wanted it more than now
That it's gotten out of control

Me the worst demon I could see
It's hard to see me looking at me
In the mirror in my room
Track Name: Ballad of Philadelphia (A Song for Sara) (Live)
I went down to Philadelphia
I met a girl with a broken smile
She was standing outside in the cold
With a rip in her hoes
I could see she was a little bit like me
Not on the outside but in
The light in her eyes and the smile on her face
Told me she was looking for a better place

I went down to Philadelphia
I met a girl with starry eyes
I bought her coffee, black with some cream
And we talked about things we'd seen
I could tell that she wasn't well
But she wouldn't let anybody help
So I hugged her goodbye and we went our separate ways
I haven't heard from her since that day

I went down to Washington DC
I met a girl I remember seeing
Her hair was shorter but her smile still the same
She was heading back home on the train
She wore a suit and a wedding ring
She said "ain't it funny how life can be"
I guess some folks just seem to find their way
And I thank God every day